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World of Tanks [CPP] IN


Target - CPL

Description: Apply to new affiliate program World of Tanks [CPP] IN! Still not driven traf fic to World of Tanks offers yet? Well what are you waiting for? Apply, get approval and start earning money! And we‘re talking good money. World of Tanks is a multiplayer online action PC game revolving around the armored combat of the mid-20th century. Tankers can obliterate each other on 30 realistic maps inspired by real-life WWII battle locations. Players have over 600 vehicles from 11 nations at their disposal, all stunningly recreated with the use of original blueprints. Team spirit and thoughtful tactical gameplay are just some of the reasons why millions of gamers all over the world love World of Tanks. World of Tanks offers are among the best on the affiliate market, and here’s why: High prices in different GEOs High % of approval Diverse offers—from simple registration to payouts for winback Participation in partner marathons and conducting their own Readiness to test new traffic sources Guaranteed payouts for all accepted events Of course, there are some limitations: There are traffic restrictions Partners must know these traffic restrictions and abide by them If you‘re interested—join the ranks of our webmaster partners! P.S. If you’ve already tried driving traffic to World of Tanks offers? It’s certainly time to try again!

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Network Offer Rating Geo CR eCPA Approval rate Payout
World of Tanks [SOI] Many GEOs
World of Tanks [CPP] many GEOs
AT,BE,CA,CH,CZ,DE,FR,PL,SK,US 0 0.0000 0
World of Tanks [CPP] IN
IN 0 0.0000 0