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Description: Since 2005, CheapOair has helped budget-savvy travelers explore the globe at a d iscount. Thanks to our parent company, Fareportal, we have access to some of the most innovative, intuitive technologies the travel industry has to offer. Whether you book right here on our website or using our award winning app, one thing is for sure – CheapOair can help you save big on your next trip.Don't allow bidding on branded/trademarked termsDon't allow bidding on derivatives of branded/trademarked termsDon't allow bidding on broad-match based on branded/trademarked termsDon't allow bidding on competitors based on branded/trademarked termsDon't allow direct linkingDon't allow use of brand name in Display URLDon't allow use of brand name in Title & Ad CopyDoes not allow the use of downloadable software applications within their programOnly pay the last click commissionProvide coupon codes through the publisher channelDoes not allow the use of coupon codes available to the public (i.e. coupon codes that are NOT exclusive to your affiliate program)List of prohibited keywords"Restricted keywords:","flights cheapoair","cheapoairflights","cheapoir","search cheapoair","cheapoair ticket","cheapoairfares","cheapo air tickets","cheapoair airline tickets","www cheapoair com airlines","cheapo airline","cheapoair reviews","cheapo flights","cheapoair flight search","cheapoaircom","cheapoair coupon","cheapoair tickets","cheapoair flights","cheapoair bookings","cheapoair airfares","cheapoair airlines","cheapoair flight tickets","cheapoair deals","cheapoair promo codes","cheapoair coupons","chepoair","www cheapoair com flights","cheapoflights","cheap o flight","cheap on air","cheap0air","cheap o flights","","cheapoflight","cheapotickets","cheapoair fares","cheapoair flight","cheapoair promo code","chipoair"

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Cheapoair WW CPA
ALL 0 0.0000 0
ALL 1.98 791.0000 99.39