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Footshop UA

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Description: Welcome! At our Footshop UA Affiliate Program, you can earn interesting Commi ssions for purchased goods from visitors who came from your website and purchased goods with us. You can find women's, men's and children's footwear at, as well as branded skate, hip-hop and sneaker shoes, caps, backpacks, wallets and a lot more. All goods are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch!   We offer a 11,54% Commission from every order made to our affiliate partners!  6,15% for voucher websites and cashbacks. The cookies are valid for 45 days for online media and bloggers, 14 days for voucher websites and cashbacks.  Prohibited practices: - SEM is allowed, except for brand targeting, - banner editing with custom elements, - removing watermarks from the product images, - abusing the Footshop logo for your own purposes, - promoting invalid codes, codes of other partners, and codes from internal e-mailing, - activities harmful to the brand. - forbidden advertising in Google shopping *In the case of non-acceptance of prohibited practices, we reserve the right not to pay the commission for the orders made. The XML feed: Only partners in the Google_Shopping_Access group will have access to the XML feed. Inclusion in the group is subject to manual approval by the advertiser and access to the group must be requested by CJ message or email. Important notice: Yeezy products are subject to a 10% commission and products labeled as ULE are subject to a 0% commission.  Minus keywords The microsite is meant for the sole purpose of online raffles and is not a part of our affiliate programme. This means that no sale commissions are paid if a transaction is made via any of our affiliate partners.

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Footshop UA
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Footshop UA
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