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Description: LitRes is an international company that produces and distributes e-books and dig ital audiobooks. The company was founded in 2005 and in recent years has become one of the largest digital book platforms in Eastern Europe. LitRes currently serves clients around the world and occupies a leading position in the Russian-speaking community around the world. Advantages for customers: Comfortably. Online and offline reading, cloud synchronization on all major mobile platforms and in the most popular formats, including EPUB and MOBI Quality and safety. 100% legal content with copyright and secure payment methods. Just a few taps on the screen. Fashionable bestsellers and new releases in every genre from thousands of publishers of both e-books and audiobooks. Advantages for publishers: attractive rate - 8%. wide list of types of traffic discount codes. Brand bidding is forbidden! A list of negative keywords is here: negative keywords. Allowed types of traffic: Content sites, reviews Mobile for mobile version Marketplace/Comparison sites Cashback Coupons, deals, and promocodes SEM (without brand) Targeted advertising on Facebook Social media (publics, groups) Social media (apps, games) Video ad (youtube etc) Bloggers and vloggers Email-marketing Banner-teaser networks Incentive traffic

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Litres PL
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Litres PL
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