Ticketmaster PL Poland Affiliate Program

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Details of the offer:

Ticketmaster PL


Target - CPA

Description: Please, don't use offers LiveNation, which are put on the Ticketmaster websi te, in your advertising campaigns!  Also, don't use "LiveNation" in your campaigns in Google.  Ticketmaster is a global market leader and one of the largest and fastest growing online ticket sellers in Poland, with a wide range of music, sports, and cultural events. The Ticketmaster Poland company was launched on November 19, 2014. The affiliate program offers an attractive rate of 1,2 % on the order amount with no restrictions on the categories on the Ticketmaster website. Using brand-bidding is strictly forbidden!

Ticketmaster PL offer represented in following networks. To start working just generate tracking link or check details for more information and possible promotional tools

Network Offer Rating Geo CR eCPA Approval rate Payout
Ticketmaster PL
PL 0 0.0000 0
Ticketmaster PL
PL 0 0.0000 100