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Description: SEM and brand-bidding are not allowed in Portugal, Spain, France, Germ any, UK and Italy! + representativity bonus is accrued every month! Uniplaces is creating a trusted, global brand for student accommodation. Since launching in 2013, Uniplaces became the fastest-growing international website for booking student accommodation. We are the solution to your first problem: student housing. Uniplaces has been making the process of finding a room easier for students all over the world. Because no two students are the same, we use our expert knowledge to recommend the place to stay that best fits your taste and budget.  How do I make money with Uniplaces? Uniplaces operates a revenue-share commission model. Your commission share is 10%, meaning you receive a part of the commission a partner pays out to Uniplaces. The commission that is shown in the statistics is approximate. The final commission will be calculated only after the verification. Uniplaces blacklisted keywords   uniplaces uniplace uni places uni place

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Uniplaces English
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