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Globkurier [CPS] PL


Target - CPA

Description: GlobKurier is a platform that allows sending parcels to 192 countries around the world, one of 50 couriers, whose main mission is to generate savings for its customers, thanks to the automation of order fulfillment and delivery. It is possible thanks to integration with Allegro, eBay and 30 e-commerce platforms. Hotline 5 days a week, returns within 24 hours, monitoring shipments, courier price comparison engine, convenient and fast CSV import are solutions that enable you to optimize the time to place orders by 80% and reduce shipping costs by 70%. For registered users, we offer free account maintenance that allows you to use all the features we offer, no need to sign contracts, one price negotiations with carriers and the care of a business mentor is free. The advantages of the affiliate program: Attractive rate - 8%. You receive a commission from every customer who will make an order within 30 days of moving from the website. No formalities. Convenience. Saving. Competitive advantages and features: Competitive low prices.  A wide range (the largest selection of courier companies). Integration with eBay. Portrait of the audience: SMEs, e-commerce, distributors.  SEM and SEM with Brand-bidding is strictly forbidden on Globkurier PL! List of negative words: negative keywords.

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Globkurier [CPS] PL
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Globkurier [CPS] PL
PL 0 0.0000 100