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Description: Welcome to Fiverr Affiliates, Great to have you on board! You’re now a part of a family of doers and you're welcome to start affiliating - promote Fiverr and earn commissions with us! Special rates for sub-categories: Programming & Tech: $50 Video & Animation: $35 Writing & Translation: $30 Digital Marketing: $20 Graphic & Design: $20 Default Rate for all other sub-categories: $16  All the cashbacks receive $7  Fiverr is the world's largest marketplace for online services, allowing entrepreneurs and business owners to make their business better, stay on budget and get things done in just a click. Fiverr is a unique marketplace with one of the highest conversion rates in the industry! Fiverr is the home for digital, creative and professional services, providing a one-stop shop for millions of digital services.  Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services on its site. Among the services being sold on Fiverr are: IT helpers, Sound editors, Graphic services, Video professionals, Writers and translators, Business consultants, Web developers and many more. The wide range of services, including over 150 sub-categories, gives you the power to work with a wide range of audiences. FTBs are only qualified after registering to Fiverr and making their first purchase. Don’t forget - Fiverr's target audience is everyone, everywhere!   Program Highlights: High CPA Levels: $15-$100 CPA commission rate for each first-time buyer, according to the sub-category of the first purchase, even for purchases of $5! Amazing conversion rate Fiverr's target audience is everyone, everywhere! Convenient marketing platforms - Facebook, Instagram, blogs, articles & reviews etc. Banners, content, videos (you can find all video materials here) Fiverr PRO gives buyers instant access to hand-vetted professional freelancers. More benefits for your buyers: VIP Customer Support One-click convenience Affordable prices Secure communications & transactions Fiverr Affiliate’s Tip: Focus PROmotional efforts on highlighting the VIP services and hand-vetted, world-class talents, so buyers can’t go wrong with Fiverr PRO.   It’s time to start boosting your earnings!No brand bidding. Direct referral bidding is prohibited. If it is determined that the Publisher traffic is in violation of any of the terms, any future commissions and current open orders from the Publisher will be rejected. Blacklisted keywords fiverr fiver fivver fiverr com fiveer All orders are tracked by one rate, but at the end of each month the advertiser will make payments according to the following rates (only first time buyer orders are credited): Programming Tech, Game Development - $50 Translation, Music & Audio, Animation for Streamers, Product Research - $30 Video & Animation - $35 Graphics for Streamers - $25 Digital Marketing and Graphics Design, Branding Services, Market Research, Presentations - $20 All other sub-categories - $16 All the cashbacks and coupons receive $7

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