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Wonga [CPS] PL


Target - CPA

Description: Important update: A loan up to PLN 20000 (alternatively from PLN 50,000 to PL N 20,000) for 60 installments (possibly months) - in this case, it must always be 60 installments (not even 60 installments or 60 installments, or from 2 to 60 installments) our previous communications). We communicate the possibility of using two benefits: 1 installment free break in repayment (free break in repayment or 7 days of repayment in payment) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Wonga! We are best known for our Wonga short term loan product. Every day, people around the world discover they need help with their finances to deal with unexpected expenses, but find they are ignored by traditional lenders. Our products are designed to provide responsible solutions for the everyday financial needs of modern life, especially for people who are not well served by mainstream finance. Advantages of working with Wonga: You set when you want to repay. We'll take repayment from your debit card automatically You apply online - no paperwork or phone calls – and get an onscreen decision See all the costs up front before you apply, including what happens if things go wrong For Publishers: Weekly updates and newsletters Promotional materials Great CR Supper Commission GEO: POLAND JOIN WONGA AFFILIATE PROGRAM! Ważne zmiany:  Pożyczka do 20000 zł ( ewentualnie od 50 do 20000 zł) na 60 rat ( ewentualnie miesięcy) – czyli w tym przypadku zawsze musi być na 60 rat ( a nie nawet na 60 rat lub do 60 rat, lub od 2 do 60 rat – czyli nasze dotychczasowe komunikaty). Komunikujemy możliwość skorzystania z dwóch benefitów: - 1 rata gratis - przerwa w spłacaniu ( bezpłatna przerwa w spłacaniu lub 7 dni odroczenia w spłacie)     

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Network Offer Rating Geo CR eCPA Approval rate Payout
Wonga [CPS] PL
PL 0 0.0000 100
Wonga [CPS] PL
PL 0 2308.5319 0