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Description: Become a Partner is an interactive online service for studying and practicing English in an entertaining game format. In 6 years, Lingualeo managed to become the most popular online service for learning English in the CIS and has entered the Brazilian and Turkish markets as well. The service currently has over 13 million registered users. Lingualeo users learn English on the website, as well as via mobile application (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone) and plugins for popular browsers. Users master interesting topics and complete quests in order to score extra points, increase their knowledge base and monitor their progress in real time. Web service features: - A collection of audio and video materials created by native speakers for different tastes and preferences (films, dialogues, texts, clips, etc.) - Interactive grammar and video courses - Personal dictionary with personal associations, transcriptions and voiceovers for every word - Effective trainings: word translation, word constructor, crossword puzzles, listening exercises, vocabulary cards - Learning English with other users: activity monitoring, news feed, pride leader and more - User-friendly interface and tips allow users to navigate the features of the service with ease and start learning - Users have access to free versions of the mobile apps, which makes learning English more convenient and effective - Browser plugins allow users to listen to, translate and add English words and phrases to their personal dictionaries. Working with is profitable: LinguaLeo is a startup that launched on March 1, 2010. About 140,000 people use the service daily. 82% of all visits are long-term users of the service. Lingualeo is popular in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Brazil. The project was the winner of the BIT-2011 contest, which resulted in a $3 mln deal with the venture capital fund Runa Capital. In May 2011, PRUFFI included Lingualeo in the list of 30 most promising Runet teams. On December 8, 2011, Lingualeo made it to the final round in the “Global Startup” nomination category and won in the “Audience Choice” nomination category for the “Startup of the Year” award. The project’s success has been confirmed by multiple awards (Laureate of the “Oblaka 2012” award, laureate of the “Startup of the Year 2011” award, winner of the “Software of the Year 2011” award and more). Targeted audience: Geo: Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Chile  Demography: both genders, age: 20-30, education: specialized secondary or higher; Economic factors: young specialists, average, above-average income. Sincerely, The Lingualeo partnership program!            1. It is allowed to use only those coupons and promotions that are available in the system. 2. ONLY images (logo, banners, etc.) and texts (course descriptions, etc.) from the system should be used. Please use the correct spelling Lingualeo - with only one capital L. 4. Payment for confirmed registrations: The minimum KPI (conversion to sales) should be 10%. If the sales conversion is below the minimum, such registrations will not be paid.

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