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Description: Yandex.Afisha is the largest event ticket aggregator in Russia.Yandex.Afisha use rs can purchase tickets:to the cinemato the theater (performances, opera, ballet, musicals, etc.)to concerts and festivalsto sporting events (football and hockey matches, tennis tournaments, etc.)to museums and exhibitionsCustomer Benefits:Guaranteed Safe PurchaseConvenient and clear siteThe opportunity to buy tickets at a discount - promotional codes, seasonal sales, personal offers for usersHuge selection of eventsMobile App Loyalty ProgramBenefits for webmasters:High reward for paid orderHigh conversion rate - one of the best ticket widgets on the marketFamous brandAvailability of promotions and promotional codes offer represented in following networks. To start working just generate tracking link or check details for more information and possible promotional tools

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RU 0.16 135.1575 100 Sign Up to View