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Welcome to Indoleads Affiliate Marketplace. Get access to over 5000+ affiliate programs with the highest converting programs for USA, UK, Canada and a selection of over 1000+ Worldwide affiliate programs.

The Best Affiliate Programs

We specialize in offering the Best Affiliate Programs from Ecommerce, Fashion, Travel, Finance, Health, Fitness and Software categories and also have affiliate offers from Gaming, and other verticals. Whether you are a media buyer, blogger, social media influencer, or have a coupon or cashback website, you can find the best programs for your niche.

Приват24 [iOS, Android] UA
Privat24 - весь ПриватБанк в Вашем смартфоне.   Вознаграждение выплачивает...
Промсвязьбанк [CPS] RU
Внимание! С 27.02.2020г. Промсвязьбанк снизил ставки по кредиту «Для военнослужа...
Совкомбанк [CPS] RU
Внимание! Оплата веб-мастеру производится за выданный кредит как новым клиентам,...
Созвездие Красоты
Подключайтесь к Партнерской Программе Созвездие Красоты Группа Компаний «Созв...
Точка [CPS] RU
Внимание! С 01.05.2020 г. в партнерской программе действует обновленная бонусная...
Транскапиталбанк Ипотека [CPS] RU
Контекст на бренд и кукистаффинг запрещен! Обращаем ваше внимание на то, что рек...
Трансформация Сна - это интернет-магазин матрасов, кроватей и товаров для сна и...
Топ-товары пока все дома. О компании: ТутПросто – интернет-гипермаркет пол...
Улыбка радуги
Улыбка радуги - участник Self-Care Days!  Набор всего необходимого всего за 1400...
Швидко Гроші UA [CPL, API] UA
Розыгрыш 50 000 грн.  Период: Июль 2020 Будет определено 3 победителя, которые...
Шефмаркет – первый в России сервис доставки продуктов с рецептами. Вы выбира...
ЭПЛ. Якутские бриллианты
О компании: Ювелирная компания «ЭПЛ. Якутские бриллианты» стала надежным парт...
Ювелирочка.рф – это интернет-магазин крупнейшего в стране ювелирного телеканала...

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Indoleads has been a pioneer in Affiliate Marketing and launched this Marketplace in August 2020 to address problems and issues faced by most affiliate marketers like difficult access to affiliate programs, checking multiple affiliate platforms for different affiliate marketing campaigns, lack of affiliate marketing categories in single networks, delayed approvals, and payouts.
Marketplace search filters allow you to search by Affiliate Program Categories (Ecommerce, Fashion, etc.), Affiliate Commission Type (CPA, CPS, CPL, etc.), Affiliate Program Country, and Partner Affiliate Network below.
  • A single platform, single-window principle

  • You get access to multiple affiliate networks and over 5,000 affiliate campaigns on one platform. Affiliates can select any affiliate campaign, affiliate network and get their tracking link directly from Affiliate Marketplace without the hassle of signing up at multiple affiliate marketing networks.

  • Comparison and easy access to the global affiliate networks

  • Affiliate Marketers can instantly compare the terms and payout for a particular affiliate campaign from different affiliate networks. Pick the best terms, or promote the same affiliate campaign from multiple networks simultaneously.

  • All the Affiliate Marketing Categories at one place

  • When it comes to affiliate marketing categories, Indoleads has Ecommerce, Fashion, Travel, Dating, Health, Nutra, Fitness, Finance, Loans, Games, and many more. Just choose the vertical you wish to promote. Users can experiment with different verticals that may be relevant to their affiliate niche interest.

  • Instant approval for the affiliate account and offers

  • Indoleads does not require lengthy paperwork for account activation and payouts. Affiliates' accounts and offers are approved immediately without delay.

  • Automated regular payouts

  • Affiliate marketing is all about mutual earning, and Indoleads' Marketplace makes the cashout process friendly, quick, and straightforward. Users will be able to track their balance in real-time and get automated payouts.